NTS-Leader offers services for down-the-hole treatment: hydrochloric acidizing and mud-acid treatment, well washing, chemicalization technological processes of oil production. Down-the-hole treatment is carried out with the purpose of cleaning the bottomhole formation zone from contamination and increasing its permeability, cleaning and inhibitor protection equipment from corrosion, asphalt, resins and paraffins and salt deposits. Acidizing wells are used as in carbonate reservoirs and terrigenous reservoirs.


Well acidizing intends to improve the permeability of bottomhole formation zone, which directly affects on wells productivity. In the process of developing and well operation, formation permeability inevitably worsens. Reservoir characteristics of the bottomhole formation zone is influenced by the natural processes as clogging, asphalt-resin-paraffins settling out, salts formation, muddy and slurry cakes, corrosive deposits. Well acidizing, including hydrochloric acid and mud-acid treatments increase the permeability of the bottomhole formation zone, restoring its reservoir characteristics due to salts and asphalt, resins and paraffins dissolution, carbonaceous and silicate components of reservoir rock and filtration channel extension. Well acidizing uses as well in carbonate reservoirs and terrigenous reservoirs.


Well washing by dissolvent and surface active agent can be used as in an independent operation, and an auxiliary in combination with well acidizing. The main purpose of wells washing is to remove asphalt, resins and paraffins and also mechanical impurities from wellbore zone.

Dissolvent operating principle based on two mechanisms: diminution of strength coalescence of particles asphalt resins and paraffins to rock surface and the immediate dissolution of asphalt resins and paraffins masses. The result is a cleaned up bottom zone and improved well hydraulic connection with formation's remote part. For cleaning up is used as organic dissolvent and multicomponent compositions. The most efficiency can be achieved by wells hot washing, heating the dissolvent before injection or providing solvents with steam.

Surface active agent action injecting into reservoir in the water solution form based on surfactants adsorption at interfacial area, resulting in a significant change in the rock molecular surface properties, reservoir water and oil. Surface active agent functions are stimulation wetting properties of invading water; reduction of the surface tension at the oil-water boundary; oil displacement from the rock surface. Surface active agent action mechanism in oil displacement by water is to reduce the capillary resistance to water-oil mixture movement and transformation related (to rock) oil to free oil. When used surface active agent in the bottomhole formation zone, their washable and hydrophobizated qualities appear. This contributes not only to clean impurities from the bottomhole formation zone, but also increasing the speed and completeness of water displacing by oil from the bottomhole formation zone.


NTS-Leader renders services on the chemicals of oil extraction processes in order to increase the reliability of oilfield communications and equipment.


  • inhibitory protection from corrosion, scaling and asphalt, resins and paraffins of downhole pumping equipment and pipelines;
  • corrosion protection and improvement hydraulic characteristics pumping over agents high pressure water passages and injection wells.

NTS-Leader has all necessary certified equipment and qualified personnel as for rendering services with using chemical reagents for bottomhole formation zone treatment and for chemicalization of oil extraction processes. Precise choice of geological and physical conditions allows using down-the-hole treatment as effective and not expensive way for increasing oil extraction in the oilfield.