Oilfield equipment repair and service

MNRS. The site for total overhaul of injection pump and oil processing pump

The company MegionNefteRemServis (MNRS ltd.) is included into NTS-Leader holding, renders services on total overhaul of oilfield and drilling equipment, maintenance service for petroleum equipment on the fields, as well as related services for spare parts production, transportation, installation, equipment commissioning and start-up.

MNRS traces its history from the established in May 1980 in Megion, the central production service shop for oilfield and drilling equipment rent and repair. Until 2010 MNRS was owned by Megionneftegaz. MNRS was purchased by NTS-Leader in 2010 under tendering procedure.

MNRS' production structure includes 8 workshops with modern equipment:

  • repair shop for oilfield and drilling equipment, which includes the following sections:
    • overhaul of injection pump and oil processing pump
    • maintenance service injection pump and oil processing pump on the fields;
    • wellhead equipment overhaul;
    • safety-valves calibration;
  • fabrication shop, which produces vertical steel tank repair;
  • shop for pumpjacks repair;
  • maintenance shop, includes the following sections:
    • manufacture of spare parts;
    • details recovery by built-up welding and spraying;
    • forging procuring;
    • experimental instrumental;
    • thermal;
  • workshop for oxygen and nitrogen production;
  • workshop for industrial ventilation fabrication;
  • workshop for repair automated group measure unit for gas measuring in oil and water distribution unit of injection system;
  • workshop for manufacturing industrial rubber goods.