Tubing thread anti-seize coating

Installing for the application anti-seize coating at mobile plant for tubing repair

Anti-seize coating are applied on tubing thread to prevent the adhesive seizure, tubing thread corrosion protection and ensuring threaded connections tightness.

Anti-seize coatings soften tubing threaded elements friction, reducing adhesive wear during screwing and unscrewing operations and providing resistance to edge fins and turn of thread destruction.

Tribological, anti-corrosion and sealing properties of coating are due to the composition of the applied impalpable flour, as well as technology and application mode. Developed in the NTS-Leader coating technologies allow to apply coatings by various methods, including gas-dynamic spraying methods.

Anti-seize coating application on tubing thread is an additional factor that provides tubing wear resistance, along with ultrasonic treatment tubing thread and tubing hardening in a key capture zone or a spider. Installation of anti-seize coating applying is embedded in automated line for tubing repair and provides uniform distribution of the coating material on the thread surface at high efficiency.


  • threaded tubing elements wear resistance;
  • tubing thread corrosion resistance;
  • tubing threaded joints sealing.