Tubulars storage

General pipe control shop in Pyt-Yakh city

NTS-Leader provides services for tubulars and pumping rods safe storage.

The company has a network of regional production subdivisions and pipe-tooling shops located in Krasnoyarsk Region, Tomsk, Tyumen and Irkutsk regions and in Bashkortostan.

NTS-Leader's pipe control shops and pipe-tooling shops - are technically well-equipped companies, with a fleet of specialized equipment for loading, unloading and stacking pipes, including gantry and mobile cranes, crane-manipulator, etc. Daily up to 250 pieces of equipment are used in work.

Pipe control shops and pipe-tooling shops are fenced on the perimeter and under day and night surveillance. Paved roads lead to the shops. General pipe control shop in Pyt-Yakh city also has railway siding. Tubulars storage arranged on specially prepared open racks. Before sending it to the racks, preservation grease applied on the threaded pipe elements and installed safety details. The pipes are stored together into bundles that are automatically compiled from the pipes of the same typical size in accordance with the pipes marking. Each pack is attached by tag, indicated the pipe diameter, strength group, wall thickness, type of pipe, the company name, date of receipt, the overall length and weight of pipes in a bundle.